LiveART Foundation is a non-profit art organisation. Its main goals are to preserve and promote the total of artworks by the artist Maryleen Schiltkamp as a legacy, and to be a frame for her current artistic projects.

As an artist, Schiltkamp was never one to be bound to one field but has always sought to transcend and unite. An example of this are her live musicpainting collaborations which transform painting into a performance art, where sound and colors, music and imagery are brought to life, on stage before an audience.

Schiltkamp’s passion for the arts and creation extends her own artistic process; the foundation offers her the chance to help and promote artists and artistic endeavors that share the foundation’s philosophy of the arts as liberating, transcending and uniting.

LiveART is about being in the moment, about living a shared experience, about feeling the pulse of creative powers through the centuries, up to and beyond the frontier of the unknown. The LiveART Foundation is the interactive platform to make this happen.